A reddening of the face as a sign of embarrassment, shame, or perhaps, attraction. 


Anonymous said: even though i myself ship NaLu , do you think that NaLi could still be possible/made canon ?


Oh, there’s always a slight possibility of pretty much anything happening.

But it’s really, really unlikely.

In order for Nali to happen, Mashima would have to walk back all the Nalu development so far.

Extreme case scenario. Kill Lucy off. Unlikely, imo, since he already killed her future self. Or have her fall in love with someone else. Again, unlikely, since she’s had no romantic development with anyone else. The only possibility left for her is playboy Loke, and I think that ship sank a long time ago (about the time he ditched her for a date in Edolas). In spite of his declarations of love, Loke’s shown no signs of romantic fidelity to Lucy.

Lucy and Natsu could drift apart, but that would be violating FT’s theme of strong friendships. The thing is: they’re friends growing into lovers. If you take away the special ways they care for each other, the physical comedy and boob squashes, the way they hang out and appear on covers together—and I’d argue you’d have to in order to make Nali possible—you’ve pretty much gutted one of the strongest relationships in Fairy Tail.

But supposing Mashima did walk Nalu back (somehow). Then he’d have to build Nali up to the point where it’d overtake Nalu at its height.

And he’d run into problems because of Lisanna’s current role.

If she’s going to be the male lead’s love interest, she should have much more plot relevance, panel time, and development than she does right now.

That’d be hard right now.

Lisanna was pretty much created to die. She was the sweet younger sister and childhood friend whose death left everyone heartbroken. So Mashima could afford to idealize her.

Now, as a character, she’s just… nice. She has no interesting quirks or flaws. Her role in the plot is minor and she’s had no development. She has siblings, so Mashima would have a hard time suddenly giving her a unique backstory to jumpstart her development. Her magic’s a watered-down version of her siblings’ more exciting takeovers.

Without a lot of work to build her up, Lisanna in a Nali relationship right now would exist only to be the hero’s love interest.

Mashima’s gone to great lengths to develop Lucy’s character, magic, and give her plot relevance. And that’s one of the strengths of Nalu: Natsu and Lucy are close, but she’s a character in her own right. She’s not limited to the role of love interest.

But say Mashima did walk back Nalu and build up Nali. Then he’d have to worry about the backlash.

Nalu fans are legion because of the way he developed the two’s relationship. There’s a certain logic to storytelling, and a writer violates that at their own peril. Readers do not like having the rug pulled out from under their feet. They do not like being made fools of by the writer.

And Fairy Tail’s a shounen manga in one of its last arcs (a couple more after this, I think?). Going from Nalu to Nali at this late date? It’s not worth the time or the panel space to make that transition. Not when Mashima has so much plot to cover.

So, to reiterate, there’s always that 1% chance that *anything* can happen. But in this case, I don’t think it will.

I agree with this 100%.


I can’t stop thinking on Marina and Ella, especially now that we know Seven has Cryokinesis


I can’t stop thinking on Marina and Ella, especially now that we know Seven has Cryokinesis

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Yo some sketches. 
Eight and Marina from the lorien legacies

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Fireproof? Six is not Fireproof! I’m going to kill the movie writers.

tbh i always thought she was protecting herself with telekinesis or something

But what kind of name is Jane doe

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Anonymous said: Lorien Legacies fanfic recs?

Umm, sure. ahaha. 


Head cannons! [Starring the Garde]

|| So, I’ve been having blanks in my head, and I don’t even know what to write. [Someone please give me a theme or a word or something before I go blank again.] (OwO)/ Anyways, it’s head cannon time!

Scene: What would each of the Garde react if they had to take care of a Human child, [ A lost 7 year old boy who wandered off to one of the Garde.]

— Nine would be the person who found the boy. He looks around, and pats him on the head to tell him to stop crying. He says that no girl would ever like a boy who cries.

— Nine takes the kid back to the Apartment. [Before Fall of Five ending because Eight. ❤️] And the kid starts panicking, and he starts crying again.

— Nine doesn’t know what to do, and the ruckus alerts John.

— Four widens his eyes when he sees the human child, then he looks at Nine with disapproval. He asks if Nine kidnapped the kid, and if he did, the mother might be freaking out.

— Nine just smirks, and he hands the kid over to John. John isn’t particularly good with children, and he is awkward with the child. The child doesn’t stop crying.

— Four lights up one hand with his lumen, and shows it in front of the kids’s face. The kid smiles, but when Four stops using his legacy, the child starts crying again.

— Nine makes a comment that Four sucks being a babysitter, and will suck at being a dad when they beat the shit out of Setrákus Ra.

— Four glares at Nine, but the kid wails to break the minor fight. Both of them don’t know what to do.

— Nine tries to use his legacy of Gravity, and does the same thing to the kid like he did to Ella, but the kid doesn’t stop crying. Nine is frustrated.

— Six and Eight check out the noise, but Six only looks at the little boy. She glares at the both of them, and yells at them for bringing the little kid to the apartment.

— Nine doesn’t say anything, so Six punches him hard on the arm. The kid laughs, and Six has a smile on her face.

— Eight picks the little kid up, and asks him if he wants to be a superhero. The kid nods slightly, and then he throws him across the room.

— Six gasps, but Eight teleports to the other side of the room, catching the child in one swift move.

— Six scolds him, saying that he might have almost killed or hurt the kid.

— Eight shrugs, the kid has a smile on his face, and giggles. But a second later, the kid starts crying.

— Eight has no idea why, so he starts throwing him up a few centimetres, and easily catches him. The kid is still crying.

— Nine starts laughing, because he suspects that the kid hates Eight for throwing him across the room.

— While the three boys tries to guess what’s wrong, Six notices that the kid might be hungry.

— Nine says shit, and the little boy says it as well.

— Six and Four glare at Nine, and starts scolding Nine for teaching bad words to the kid, and how he’s a bad influence.

— Nine mutters I fucking don’t want a lecture, and the kid chants fucking fuck fuck multiple times.

— Eight cracks up laughing, and he’s on the floor because of too much laughter.

— Six and Four glare at Nine, but Nine merely says that the kid loves him so much that he wants to be as macho as him.

— Marina and Ella appear, and Ella rushes to the kid, because she always wanted to be an older sister.

— Ella takes the child away from Nine, and hugs him. The kid says Fuck, and Ella widens her eyes.

— Marina eyes Nine carefully, and glares at him, easily knowing that it was because of his influence that the kid knew the bad word.

— Eight tries to be mature since Marina came into the room, and she gives him a look.

— Eight shrugs, and hugs her tight quickly before turning to the kitchen.

— Four and Six are busy talking to what to do with the kid, while Marina and Ella was taking care of him.

— Since Marina was like the mother of the group, the kid felt safe when he was near her. Marina smiled happily, and hugs the child.

— Nine decides that he had to return the kid, and Six and Four came along with him.

— Ella tells Marina loudly that she wants a little kid to take care off, and she wants Marina to have one with Eight.

— Marina blushes greatly, and shakes her head at Ella’s innocent question.

— Eight overhears everything, and goes back to the two Garde.

— Marina widens her eyes, but Eight just says after the war, then winks.

— Ella starts laughing, while Marina turns redder than ever before.

|| I guess that’s the end of this boring head cannon. ||


follow you into the dark ~ eight x marina, o/s nine x marina


Word Count: 1,467

Warnings: spoilers for tfof, this one has a very mature theme that may be sensitive to some people but I don’t want to say what it is or it’ll spoil it

Extra Notes: I seem to be unable to write Navrina that won’t depress you all. Oh and look one-sided Nine/Marina is creeping in. I just know you guys’ll hate me for this one.

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this is so touching my heart screams ouch.



Ok. I have an idea:

Kaya Scodelario as Marina

Luke Pasqualino as Eight

Do you like?


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I guess I’ll make loads of headcannons tomorrow but I don’t know what to write about not sure though


Okay okay okay I really hoped (I guess who wanted five as a boy) I was thinking of someone related … oh okay maybe black haired brown eyes (someone related to Nico)

Thought five was misunderstood like him he seemed okay or lonely like that

But then the wrecking ball came


Mini headcannons. [little kids]

[bc I am very bored right now]

➰ Marina is very fond of little kids. Just like Ella. She likes to talk with them. Their innocent talk just makes them more cute.

➰ Quiet little kids remind Marina so much of herself. Since she was young Adelina informed her much on what task she was place on her. She was quite serious but with a little touch of happy.

➰ Marina isn’t good at socialising and doesn’t to anywhere with friends on earth. If she had any. The only people she gets well are children and in some cases people her age.

➰ Marina cries herself to sleep from guilt. Like when she used her legacy accidentally with no control, and it hurt a little girl. She still feels guilty when it happened when she was thirteen.

➰ In Santa Teresa before Ella came, a little girl with black ponytails spent a week with Marina. She got attached to her eventually but she got adopted. She promised herself to find that girl someday, but she forgot about her promise.

➰ Marina decided that if they won the war against the Mogadorians, and she would have kids with someone, she would choose a name that has a meaning. Something gentle but caring.

〰 Eight has this natural thing for kids. They just stick with him and he doesn’t get bothered by them at all. He wonders if he acted like that with Reynolds.

〰 He gives them piggyback rides, and the human girls go fangirling over him because that’s just plain hot but Eight doesn’t notice because he’s too busy joking around with the little ones.

〰 Socialising is very easy for Eight. He could make anyone tell him their deepest, darkest secret and they won’t have a doubt.

〰 Eight would like to name his kid something that reminds him of someone he lost. Particularly one of the many changed names of his Cépan.




Art by まる

Translation by morningreminiscence

More SNK kindergarten for you guys! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

This is the cutest thing since the end of my social life

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I have this very weird head cannon that whenever Levi feels lonely, he goes to Petra’s grave (though her body was thrown out) and talks to her like she’s alive. And then if he thinks of killing himself, the wind blows hard and then he smiles (a rare smile) to himself because he knows she’s listening, despite he couldn’t hear her voice.

»sobs violently«

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